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What Cecil Stands For

Affordable living via public transit

The best way to provide the most affordable housing for the most people is by working with Buncombe County to provide accessible transit beyond city limits so workers can commute from more affordable areas in the county. We should still support affordable housing, but a better public transit system helps more people, reduces traffic and parking demand, reduces our community carbon footprint by taking cars off the road.

Parks, not hotels or tourist attrations

We need a park for the people across from the Civic Center. Asheville has been oversold and developed too quickly, too carelessly, and without the interests of the people of Asheville in mind. Instead of hotels and tourist attractions, we need parks and green space. Green space makes our city more beautiful, livable, and environmentally friendly. I envision a park that makes a place for entertainment, art projects, festivals, food trucks, and tail gate markets.

Short term rentals should be legal

The City of Asheville currently fines citizens $500 per night for renting Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) to visitors. ADUs are rooms with an available stove. That needs to stop. We should allow our neighbors to rent out their basements, attics, and spare bedrooms to ensure that our neighborhoods are strong and that the people of Asheville can succeed in the burgeoning tourist economy.