Endorsements in 2016


Ever since my days as managing editor of the Mountain Xpress, people have asked me who I’m voting for. I suppose I’m a reliably progressive or liberal voter and folks know I pay more attention to politics than some others. I appreciate the trust and take it very seriously. This…

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Showing up matters

Cecil has always been an activist in the best sense of the word. He’s been willing to show up, to speak out, to press for change. Between the big marches and protests he has written and spoken out against environmental despoliation, injustice and senseless war. He has addressed students, church…

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Cecil’s ark

I have adopted companion animals from shelters for my entire adult life. Alas, they move through this world a whole lot faster than we do, only one cat made it to 21 years, the redoubtable Pomonella. Here’s the current crew hard at work in the office. Havoc was the eldest, at 14 years.…

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A life in the arts

The creative arts have been a constant theme through Cecil’s life and he brings that sensibility to his governing decisions. His plastic arts include sculpture, ceramics, wood carving, cartoons and most particularly, and recently, painting in oils. He has studied landscape painting with master artist John Mac Kah in the…

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What Cecil stands for


The media seem to focus on Cecil’s opposition to this or that proposal without any analysis of how his arguments affect actual outcomes. Counter arguments sway debate and “move the ball.” One very clear example involves a recent development plan approved by City Council. Investors in the proposed subdivision needed…

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