Response to an existential crisis

My environmentalism goes way back.

An early adopter of solar power, I moved off the grid in 1979 in a tiny cabin, and made the transition from “builder” to green builder for the rest of my construction career.

In 1980 I established a neighborhood recycling program and taught my neighbors how to sort their trash.

In 1983 I built a home with more than 50 percent recycled materials, still off the grid, and in the late 1980s began my second career as a writer with a strong emphasis on advocacy. My Duck Soup radio commentaries which aired weekly on WNCW frequently addressed threats to our biosphere, and that became a 10-year syndicated column carried on AlterNet. During the 1990s I wrote the Warren Wilson College radio eco-program Swannanoa Journal, wrote scripts for Jane Goodall and William Least Heat Moon on Time for the Earth and was founding editor of the WWC eco-journal Heartstone. Through Heartstone I collaborated with Bill McKibben (The End of NatureEarth, et. al. and, E.O. Wilson (Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge, et. al) and other stellar environmental writers.

Through the years I have extended my advocacy and my commitment and today live in an all-electric home with a net-zero solar array. I drive a hybrid car but have installed enough solar to charge an electric car when I can afford one.

My environmental record on Asheville’s City Council speaks for itself.

Following James Hansen’s testimony to Congress in 1987, and publication of Al Gore’s Earth in the Balance, I increasingly focused on climate change in my essays, editing and public appearances.

Humanity is facing an existential crisis. By that I mean, specifically, that climate change presents us with a clear threat to modern civilization and a potential threat to our survival as a species. We must do more, at every level of society and government to cut our carbon emissions.

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