Cecil’s ark

I have adopted companion animals from shelters for my entire adult life. Alas, they move through this world a whole lot faster than we do, only one cat made it to 21 years, the redoubtable Pomonella.

Here’s the crew hard at work in the office in 2015.

Office cats

Havoc was the eldest, at 14 years. He’s on the right in the older photo below. On the left is Katha (Pollitt), his sister, who died of congestive heart failure at age 4. She was a sweetie. Havoc died of liver disease in September 2016.

kathahavocThis is (Noam) Chomsky, a 12 year old, tending to my spider plant. You can see he gets into his work. And below Chom is 12 year old Clare (Hanrahan—named for Asheville’s most famous anti-war activist), also 12 years. Clare has the softest fur of any cat I have shared my life with over 45+ years.spiderplant, what spiderplantclareThe new kid around the house is (Jackie) Sparrow a/k/a Snowflake. She’s 5 now. At 11 weeks she had a bad eye removed, which gives her a pirate patch appearance (hence the Jack Sparrow namesake). While my absolute rule was always NO MORE THAN THREE CATS, I didn’t think a one-eyed waif should be adopted by someone with outdoor cats. So I handled it the only way I knew how. Love her to pieces. (Seen here doing yoga.) And with Havoc gone, we’re back to three again.

snowflake 11 oclock

The latest addition may be the oldest survivor. I adopted Bernie (yes, THAT Bernie) in mid-summer 2015. He was found wandering at the local country club. He’s pretty much blind and seems totally deaf.

Oh, and he’s quite proud to be named for the man who should be our President.Bernie 1

Meanwhile, Leslee’s adorable Pom, Annie – again of indeterminate age – has joined the club. Annie spent her first 8 years in a box, in a puppy mill, making puppies. Life is better now.annieandme



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