Every campaign costs money. I’ve been lucky enough to have the largest group of donors of any local candidate in recent Asheville history. And I’ve run without accepting any money from corporate or commercial PACs.

Join hundreds of other citizens in supporting the current campaign.

Some local candidates rely on funding from those PACs and from development interests intent on lining their own pockets with tax dollars. I simply won’t be bought. (And to be completely clear, I am open to donations from groups with whom I already align. In 2009 I received a modest donation from the Sierra Club, but am confident that I was already greener than their platform. I seem to recall a union contribution that year as well, but as a union member—the National Writer’s Union—I don’t see a conflict.)

If you want to join the $17 for 2017 donor campaign here’s a snazzy button! 

I attempted to get Council to approve local public campaign financing in 2010, but a majority of Council members voted “no.” (Since then the Republican majority in Raleigh has banned that practice, but it was legal in 2010.)

You can kick in with a click!

 Or send a check to Bothwell for Buncombe, POB 1877, Asheville, NC 28802

And thank you, thank you, thank you!

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